Cape Cod Energy Education Conference March 8

Submitted by Debbie Fitton
2007-01-22 11:25:13

Hyannis, Massachusetts; March 8, 2007; A conference for educators, just $25 including materials and lunch.
Join us for a day of hands-on activities and engaging conversation surrounding the field of energy., how we use it, and how we teach it, just for educators!
Please register before March 1. Registration form available at
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WELCOME 8:30-8:45
Mary Spruill, NEED Project;
Maggie Downey, Cape Light Compact,
Diana Duffy, KeySpan
1. Hydrogen Fuel Cells
(Keith Etheridge, Andy Morris) (M-S)
This workshop introduces hydrogen as an important energy carrier for the future, both as a fuel for distributed generation and as a transportation fuel. Participants will conduct experiments in electrolysis, learn about atomic structure, simulate how a fuel cell works, and explore a H2 fuel cell car kit.
2. Energy Efficiency Lessons for the Classroom
(Debbie Fitton, Kevin Galligan) (All)
Through various methods, participants will learn about energy consumption and conservation by reading utility meters and utility bills, and learning how to conduct surveys of school energy consumption by gathering, recording and analyzing data and monitoring energy usage.
3. KidWind I
(Richard Lawrence) (M-S)
This two part workshop will include the building of a wind turbine, study of wind as an energy source and the testing of blade designs in this ultimate course in wind energy.
4. Science of Energy
(Mary Spruill, Bekki Lamb, and Bill Clark) (E-M)
Participants will engage in hands-on experiments to explore the forms and transfer of energy. Six stations of experiments demonstrate energy transfer with kinetic and potential energy, heat, light, motors, batteries, and magnets.
1. Biodiesel at Upper Cape Tech
(UCT students) (M-S)
Students from the Upper Cape Technical High School will discuss biodiesel as a fuel used for many practical applications including transportation and heating. The school’s program will be highlighted.
2. KidWind II
(Richard Lawrence) (M-S)
A continuation of the 8:45-10:00 session. Participation in the first session required.
3. Energy Enigma
(Diana Duffy, Mary Spruill and Bekki Lamb) (All)
Teams use reading, brainstorming, and organizational skills to hide the identity of their energy source while trying to guess which energy sources the other teams represent. Teacher materials will be provided to take home.
4. Primary Science of Energy
(Keith Etheridge and Debbie Fitton) (E)
Designed for grades 1-4, hands-on experiments explore the fundamental concepts of energy including motion, heat, sound, and light.
Tom Starrs (see bio below)
CHAT SESSIONS: 1:30-2:45
1. Conversation with Keith Bergman: An Inconvenient Truth (All)
Trained by Al Gore, Keith brings an important message from the Climate Project and will discuss global warming through a series of slides and show ways that we can help make a difference.
2. Energy Issues for Elementary Level Teachers (Maggie Brown, Christine Twombly )
Enjoy a chat with fellow elementary teachers and the challenges we all face of bringing energy issues into the classroom.
3. Energy Issues for Middle Level
Teachers (John Sinopoli, Sally Andreola)
4. Energy Issues for Secondary Level Teachers
(Chuck Lawrence, Kevin Galligan, and Bill Clark)
1. Electro-Works and Magnets
(Keith Etheridge, The NEED Project) (E-M)
Hands-on experiments explore the basic concepts of atomic structure and electricity including static electricity, batteries, magnets, electromagnetism, and circuits.
2. Energy Clubs and NEED Youth Award Program
(Peggy McEvoy, Maggie Brown, Bekki
Lamb) (All)
Find out how you can be an award winning school and reward students for teaching and outreach to others.
3. Schools Going Solar
(Debbie Fitton, Mary Spruill,
Ryan Delgado) (All)
With the completion of Cape Light Compact’s “Solarize Our School” program, many schools now have a great teaching tool in their photovoltaic arrays. Come find out how to use the Solar Schoolhouse website to access local school solar data, and participate in some exciting hands-on solar energy experiments. Ryan Delgado, student at Upper Cape Technical High School will present information on the use of the Solar Pathfinder. Materials will be available to take home.
Dr. Tom Starrs - Bio
Dr. Thomas J. (Tom) Starrs is the Immediate Past Chair of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES)
Board of Directors, and is the Chair of the ASES Board’s Nominating Committee. He was elected an ASES Fellow in 2006. Tom is also the Vice President for Marketing and Sales and the Chief Operating Officer for the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), where he has worked since 2004. Prior to joining BEF, Tom was executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing and a member of the Board of Directors of RWE Schott Solar Inc. (now Schott Solar Inc.), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar photovoltaic cells and modules. Tom has more than twenty years of experience in designing and implementing policies to support renewable energy development, with an emphasis on solar and wind energy.
Tom holds a Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group, and a law degree from U.C. Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, two young children, a Greater Alaskan Sled Poodle, and a grouchy old cat.

The NEED Project
Mary Spruill, Program Director
Keith Etheridge, Training Director
Bekki Lamb, Program Associate
Cape Light Compact
Maggie Downey, Program Administrator
Kevin Galligan, Energy Efficiency Program Manager
Debbie Fitton, Energy Education Coordinator
Nan Doty, Energy Education, Martha’s Vineyard
Bill Clark, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension
Diana Duffy, Residential Energy Efficiency Program Manager
Cape and Islands Self Reliance
Richard Lawrence, Director of Special Projects and Education
Cape Light Compact Teacher Advisory Board : Conference Committee
Sally Andreola, Harwich Elementary School
Peggy McEvoy, Barnstable Horace Mann Charter School
Maggie Brown, Eastham Elementary School
Chuck Lawrence, Upper Cape Regional Technological High School
Christine Twombly, Harwich Elementary School
John Sinopoli, Mattacheese Middle School
Andy Morris, Retired, Bourne School System
Charlotte Striebel, Cape Light Compact Governing Board
Special Guest Speaker
Keith Bergman, Provincetown Town Manager
Mentor, Climate Project
Registration information
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Please send registration form and $25 materials fee to
Cape Light Compact
Energy Education Conference
PO Box 427
Superior Courthouse
Barnstable, MA 02630
Make checks payable to Barnstable County
Fax to hold place: 508-362-4136
Space is limited, register today.

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