Call for National Solar Tour organizers, sites

Submitted by Mike DiGrazia, American Solar Energy Society

2007-03-09 13:06:23

Next ASES National Solar Tour
Official Tour Date: Saturday October 6, 2007
Tours throughout Autumn months

The 12th annual ASES National Solar Tour, "Real Places for Real People," is scheduled for October 6, 2007 and throughout the autumn months. To help expand this event, ASES is seeking new tour organizers nationwide.

The National Solar Tour is an annual event held in communities across the country on the first Saturday of October, National Energy Awareness month, and throughout the autumn months. Home and building owners open their buildings to visitors to demonstrate their solar and other renewable energy and energy efficiency features.

The Tour highlights energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and methods that are working and available right now, in real places, for real people. The tour experience increases awareness of installed energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Sustainable energy technologies shown on tours reduce operating costs for the building owners, improve comfort and health, and contribute to solutions for national energy independence and global climate change.

The National Solar Tour is a partnership between the American Solar Energy Society, national co-sponsor organizations and local coordinating organizations.

I urge all groups interested in increasing awareness of sustainable energy choices, whether civic, environmental, church, government, educational, professional, business, or development organizations, to consider organizing a tour in their communities or service areas. The theme may be solar energy, wind energy, green building, or any other application that has a solar component. One example of passive or active solar design is required.

There are no fees to participate in the ASES National Solar Tour, and requirements are minimal. For detailed information about organizing a tour or to be connected with a local tour that serves your area, visit or contact me at 303-443-33130 x101 [or see email address above].

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