Green Grand Prix, Watkins Glen July 6, to include Student Design Contest, Expo, and Rallies

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2007-04-05 20:53:44

2007 Green Grand Prix Student Design Contest
Watkins Glen, NY
Grand Prix Date: July 6, 2007
Official web site:
Sponsored by Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association
There are 3 planned student components to the Green Grand Prix on July 6th:
1. High School participation in the rally.
2. Static displays of High School project cars.
3. Student Alternate Fuel Vehicle Design contest (open to all students K-12).
Prizes :
Several First Place Awards will be presented, according to grade level. Originality of design and neatness are important. Reproductions of winning designs will be used to promote the Green Grand Prix .
First Place: A large cast pewter wall plaque . This is the exact same type of award that our rally winners will receive.
Second Place: A variety of gift certificates from local businesses.
Winners of the contest will be announced and awards will be presented from the stage at the Green Grand Prix on Friday, July 6th in Watkins Glen. We also plan to exhibit all entries at our Festival.
The Green Grand Prix is an educational and competitive event held each year and is jointly sponsored by the Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association, the International Motor Racing Research Center in Watkins Glen, and the Glen Region chapter of the Sports Car Club of America. The 2007 Green Grand Prix will be held on Friday, July 6th and will consist of an 80 mile SCCA road rally circulating Seneca Lake, a group forum on issues relating to alternate fuel vehicles and hybrids, and a display of fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. A children’s tent as well as live music will be included at the display area, located adjacent to the IMRRC , 610 South Decatur St., Watkins Glen, NY. The forum and display are free and open to the public.
Questions? Please call Robert Gillespie (315) 536-7185

Rules and guidelines

Sponsored by Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association
Your assignment is to design a new, creative Alternate fuel vehicle or hybrid. You may enter more than one design, if you like. Brent Singleton‘s true story can give your imagination a jump-start ! To begin, read the descriptions of AFV’s and hybrids below for some ideas. All entries should be mailed
To Robert Gillespie, 2888 Sherman Hollow Rd., Penn Yan, NY 14527 and postmarked no later than May 15th, 2007.

An AFV is a car, truck, or bus that burns a non-petroleum based fuel such as hydrogen, vegetable oil (fryer grease), or compressed natural gas. Bio-diesel and ethanol are also AFV fuels made from refined plant oil. Still other AFV’s run completely on electricity. Hybrids use at least two fuel sources, such as electricity and gasoline. Brent Singleton’s quadbrid used four energy sources: electricity, gasoline, solar power, and wind power. Usually, hybrids use batteries to store their energy.

AFV's are non-polluting or at least produce less air pollution than gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles, resulting in cleaner air for us all to breathe. They also help reduce our dependency on petroleum. Hybrids use less gasoline and have cleaner emissions than normal cars.

Design Contest Rules
A. Your vehicle can be in any medium on a piece of paper measuring 6” high and 9” long. On the front of the paper, you should sign your name and name your car.
B. It must be an original AFV design. Be creative!
C. Print your name, grade, and school on the back of your drawing.
D. On another paper, write a paragraph or story about your vehicle. You should include the general way it gets its power, and any other interesting ideas you have about your invention.

Suggestions for AFV design contest:
Pencil your design first, then, when you have it finalized, go over it with a fine tip marker or charcoal pencil to darken the lines. Then you may color your vehicle in any way you think is appropriate. Don’t use watercolor paint, as it will wrinkle the paper. Markers are fine. If you use colored pencils, press hard so that the colors are bright.
A side view is the easiest. Use something round, like a bottle cap to trace around for the wheels. You could also use a compass. You may show people in your vehicle, but this is not required.
Enter as many designs as you wish, just make them clear and neat. You do not have to show detailed views showing exactly how your car moves.

Suggestions for body styles:
1. Streamlined car: This style has smooth lines for good airflow.
2. S.U.V.: This style usually has more “boxy” lines , but you should be creative and follow your imagination.
3. Pick-up truck: This style is nice because you can put a large fuel tank in the back, if you wish.
4. Van: This style leaves plenty of room for a large engine , fuel tank, or creative features.
5. Micro-car: This is a smaller car, often “bubble” shaped. It is lighter and most suitable for city driving.

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