One week renewable energy and sailing school, Wiscasset, ME summer 07

Submitted by Chewonki Foundation
2007-04-07 16:28:05

Renewable Energy Sail
Coed, ages 13-15, 1 week
Join us for a week filled with fun, science and camping. Learn about climate change and study the sunshine and wind that we'll use to make our electricity and cook our food. Build a personal photovoltaic module to charge your batteries and a solar cooker to make your dinner, both of which you will take home. We will then head off for a three-day sail along the Maine Coast where we'll use our skills and equipment for learning and adventure. We will travel on the Vajra, a 33 foot wooden sailboat built at Chewonki, pictured at right.
Dates: August 18th - 25th
Tuition: $800

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