New Hampshire to celebrate Air Quality Awareness Week Apr 30-May 4

Submitted by Barbara Fales NH DES

2007-04-12 15:24:11

Air Quality Awareness Week, April 30 to May 4
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services will host two open houses at its air monitoring stations in Portsmouth and Lebanon.
(1) Pierce Island air monitoring station in Portsmouth on Tuesday, May 1, between 10 am and 2 pm, and
(2) Air monitoring station at the Regional Airport in Lebanon on Thursday, May 3rd, between 10 am and 2 pm.
Stop by either of these open houses to learn how air pollution is measured at these sites!

There are many projects you could consider for Earth Day or Air Quality Awareness Week. We suggest the following:
(1) Organize a field trip to a nearby air monitoring station. A complete list of sites can be found at .
(2) Organize an Energy Fair at your school, emphasizing the importance of conserving electricity and water and making environmentally-friendly purchases, such as EnergyStar products or low emission vehicles .
(3) Organize a "Change a Light"?? campaign to promote the use of Energy Star compact fluorescent lighting. Set a goal for your school community and sign up your school as a "??pledge driver."?? Track progress toward your goal on the national EnergyStar Change-a-Light website .
(4) Establish a Clean Air Zone at your school by raising awareness of the health and environmental impacts of vehicle exhaust. Survey drivers who tend to idle vehicles in your schoolyard and discuss how best to reduce or eliminate idling. Post No Idling signs where appropriate--with permission of school officials! Interview bus drivers as to their no idling practices!
(5) Organize a Bike or Walk to School Day! National Bike or Walk to Work Day is Friday, May 18th. Encourage teachers and students to ride bikes to school and emphasize the importance of avoiding vehicle exhaust and greenhouse gases by taking this alternative form of transportation. Challenge teachers or students to bike as often as possible during summer months.

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