Target ReDESIGN Your School Contest $10k scholarship

Submitted by Alliance to Save Energy
2007-05-02 16:10:30

What Would You Do to Green Your School?

Retailer Target, Inc. and the American Architectural Foundation recently announced a $10,000 scholarship contest, the 2007 Redesign Your School Contest for students in grades 9-12. The goal is to design the "ideal 21st century learning space." Refurbished buildings? High-tech performance? Environmentally friendly materials? The goal of this contest is to encourage fresh thinking and novel ideas and the scope is as wide as the student's imagination. But like any good visionary knows, knowledge is the best place to start, so students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with current school design trends using books and magazines, field trips and the Internet. Incorporating energy efficient design technologies would be a great way to set a design apart from the rest of the pack.

Students are required to incorporate at least one of the 8 Principles for Design from the American Architectural Foundation's Report from the National Summit on School Design. Registration is required by June 15, 2007 and can be done online. The presentation of your submission must be in the form of a single media. This could be a book, a PowerPoint presentation, a collage, etc. For example, if you chose to submit a book, you could take pictures of a model and incorporate sketches and photographs, but you can't submit both a book and a CD. The jurors will only look at one form of media in your presentation. Enter soon and good luck. Be as green as you can be!

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