Links by region and state allow teachers to find local resources

Submitted by Shawn
2007-05-22 18:24:19

Links at are being organized via a relational database so that there are several ways an educator can access useful information.
We've had a relational database for over a year, but now we are putting it to better use by relating links, notes, news articles, field trips, and other curricular resources to keywords that allow a teacher to find a useful but limited set of items. This effort is part of our larger work to make it easier to find ideas with intelligent queries rather than rough searches using Google; too many times we educators resort to desparate searches on search engines not designed for quality but quantity.
The next step for us is to merge the Teachers Goals section with our Links section and then our Field Trip Guide, so a teacher from X location, interested in Y technology, can access all relevant ideas we have from other educators.

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