Green STEM conference for Massachusetts Teachers Oct. 26-27

Submitted by Massachusetts Assoc. Science Teachers
2007-09-24 15:52:55

Massachusetts teachers are welcome to attend the first Green Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math conference this fall at Framingham State College.
Friday, Massachusetts educators will take field trips to interesting sites around Massachusetts, learning about sustainable and earth-friendly technologies, sciences, and ideas.
Saturday, we will convene at Framingham State College to discuss green STEM and learn about how to learn more about green STEM in the classroom. MA teachers will receive 10 PDPs for attending both days.
This meeting was collaboratively planned by the Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers, the Christa Corrigan McAuliffe Center/Challenger Learning Center, Framingham State College, and's Field Trip Guide, along with the help of individuals and sites featured in the field trips.

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