New York State teacher workshops to introduce new curriculum

Submitted by Energy Smart Students Program of New York
2007-10-15 21:59:19

New York State teachers: Do you want to increase your students energy IQ?
Then do not miss any of our incredible new professional development workshops this fall. Each one centers on an innovative new curriculum created by the National Energy Foundation (NEF), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development and dissemination of supplementary educational materials and programs. All material is aligned with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) standards in Math, Science, Technology, Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Family and Consumer Science, as well as New York City Scope and Sequence.
All Workshops Feature:
FREE Curriculum—including lesson plans, color posters and an energy information-packed CD
Professional Development Credit
Substitute Reimbursement (if applicable)
The following workshops will be offered in the fall and winter of 2007-2008:
ABCs of Energy, Grades K-3: The ABCs are one of the building blocks of primary students. Why not teach the ABCs of energy at the same time? This hands-on workshop introduces basic energy content through fun and engaging activities that will lay the ground work for energy education at an early age. Students will apply classroom learning to their own lives through a family-oriented take-home activity.
The 4 Es of Energy, Grades 4-6: Do you know the 4 Es of energy? This interactive workshop promotes an understanding of energy’s relationship with the environment, our economy, efficiency AND the all-important “E” – education. You will use hands-on activities to explore energy forms and sources, global climate change and actions we can take to address the energy challenges we face.
Energy Trilogy, Grades 7-12: Energy – we all depend upon it every day, but what are the consequences for the global community’s growing demand for it? This interactive workshop will highlight the Energy Trilogy – how economics, efficiency and the environment relate to the energy challenges before us. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to introduce your students to the impacts of their energy use and explore actions we can take to make a difference.
All workshops are guaranteed to raise your energy literacy and increase your ability to promote understanding and action among your students for their lives now and in the future.
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