National teach-in on carbon footprint Jan 2008

Submitted by National Wildlife Federation
2007-12-06 10:26:56

Focus the Nation
January 30-31, 2008
A national teach-in engaging millions of students, faculty, staff, and citizens. Focus the Nation is based in educational institutions, but also is engaging Americans in their churches, mosques, synagogues, businesses and civic organizations. The intent is to focus the growing concern in the country about global warming, and to create a serious, sustained and truly national discussion about clean energy solutions, linking students and citizens directly with our political leaders.
On January 30-31, Focus the Nation will feature millions of students, faculty, staff, and citizens from across the country hosting teach-ins on global warming on their campuses and in their communities. Be a part of the solution!
The event on January 30, a free, live, interactive webcast called The 2% SOLUTION, will feature Stanford University climate scientist, Stephen Schneider, sustainability expert Hunter Lovins and green jobs pioneer Van Jones for a discussion of global warming solutions.To learn more about Focus the Nation activities and how to engage, go to:

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