Multitude of energy-related student and teacher competitions

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2008-01-11 15:44:26

We decided to publish our growing list of competitions for students or teachers interested in energy. Many are team-based. Most of the contests are annual. If the deadline for this year has passed, plan on preparing yourself and your students for next year's round.

2008 Pres. Forum on Renewable Energy Essay Contest
College students 18-24 are invited to submit an essay laying out a plan for renewable energy in America. The first prize, $10 000, will be awarded to the top three students in April 2008. This contest is not annual, being linked to the 2008 presidential race.

American Solar Challenge
A rayce is a race using rays of sunlight. Now the North American Solar Challenge.

Connecticut Electrathon
High school and college competition of minimal human-scale electric race cars.

Energy Whiz Olympics Florida
The EnergyWhiz Olympics is held annually at the Florida Solar Energy Center and is composed of the Junior Solar Sprint, Hydrogen Sprint, Energy Innovations and the conclusion of the Florida Middle School Science Bowl.

Formula Sun Grand Prix
International race for solar cars.

Igniting Creative Energy Challenge
Students and teachers submit their experiences in energy education for an annual prize. Organized by the National Energy Foundation, developed by a partership between NEF and Johnson Controls. Open to students K-12, the Challenge is an educational competition designed to encourage students to learn more about energy and the environment. All student entries will be recognized, with Grand Prize Trips awarded to three students and one teacher.

Junior Solar Sprint Northeast
The Northeast Solar Energy Association annually organizes a championship race for shoebox-size solar cars built by teams of middle-school students. The site also lists local races. The championship is usually accompanied by a fair on the Museum Quadrangle, featuring organizations concerned with sustainability.

MA Excellence in Environmental and Energy Education
The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs accepts applications for the Secretary’s Awards for Excellence in Energy and Environmental Education. In 2008, the deadline for submitting your application is March 18 at the close of business.

New York Electrathon
New York's competition for one-passenger electric vehicles.

Shell Eco-Marathon
The Shell Oil company sponsors this annual event in which teams compete to build vehicles that get over 1000 mpg. Most vehicles carry one person (the driver), travel about 25 kph, and run on gasoline.

Solar Electric Vehicle Team at MIT
Not a website for a competition, but an exemplary web site for a team.

Volvo Adventure
Volvo Adventure - in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme - is an educational programme that rewards environmental activities among the decision makers of the future. Environmental projects are undertaken by young people (13-16) to improve their local environment. The projects are published on these webpages and the best projects will be selected for an all expenses paid trip to Sweden.

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