Teen-written national mag offers environmental writing award

Submitted by Shawn
2008-01-16 16:52:11

Hybrid cars? Organic food? Solar and wind energy? Pay-as-you-throw trash programs? Required recycling? If you have a plan to save the world, we sure do want to hear about it. And if you know a lot about a current problem facing the planet - pollution, overpopulation, natural resource consumption/destruction - whip out your green pen and share your idea to solve an environmental problem or describe a solution

Contest Prizes
In June at least one teen will be honored for the best environment article published in Teen Ink in the past 10 months. In addition to being published in Teen Ink and receiving a copy of the magazine (and pen and pad) featuring his or her environment piece, the winner will have the opportunity to choose from an exciting selection of Teen Ink merchandise - apparel and other items - available exclusively from Teen Ink.

Contest Guidelines
Teen Ink will only consider original essays written by teens. Essays should be between 150 and 1,000 words. Possible topics include global warming, clean water, species preservation, air quality, the rain forest, alternative power, depletion of resources and more! For more ideas on how to write a winning essay, see our Environment Writing Tips.

Send your essays to:
Teen Ink
Box 30
Newton, MA 02461
See our submission guidelines for more information.

There are no deadlines; entries are accepted throughout the year. Winning essays are published in Teen Ink magazine and online each month.


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