New ETO Website's Sparkly Features

Submitted by Shawn

2005-04-14 14:46:11

You may have noticed a few changes with the new website into which we moved April 12. Let me first address the bad news. The site, temporarily is slower. When you click on Teachers' Goals, Bibliography, Links, or any news, the server takes a few seconds to respond. We are lambasting the service provider about this, and may move to another host. Please be patient, and you'll notice that the site works quite well.
Now, the good news. Teachers' Goals, Bibliography, Links, and the news articles are searchable in a much easier fashion. You can still navigate Teachers' Goals by category and subcategory, which is the way I prefer. You can still see all the bibliographic entries on one page, but that's getting silly now that we have over 100 relevant books. You can still view links by category and subcategory. But now, you can search these sections with ease using the box at the top of the page.
One great new feature is that the latest news-headlines are always visible on the main page, so you can quickly check for new opportunities and coming events. If you have something to share, when you enter a news article online, it is available to read a few seconds later by anyone accessing the site. (Keep it clean, folks! Of course, we reserve the right to edit entries for civility and clarity.)
Please let me know if there any ways to improve your experience with the website. It's there to serve you, and so am I.
-Shawn, the site designer and maintainer.

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