Museum of Science in Boston offers wind engineering program in school

Submitted by Traveling Programs Museum of Science

2008-07-18 18:14:48

Museum of Science
Boston, Massachusetts

Engineering: Windmill Workshop
Blowing into schools in 2008-09, this program gives students a chance to practice the engineering design process as they test how changing aspects of a windmill blade — such as length, shape, and angle of attachment — affect its efficiency. They can also design and test their own blades, with a strong emphasis on planning and redesign.

The program incorporates physical science framework connections and math connections such as graphing results.

Capacity: 1 class (up to 32 students plus teacher) per session; 2 - 4 presentations per day.

Schedule: Available during school hours, Monday - Friday

Requirements: A room with elevated work spaces for 8 groups of 2 - 4 students and an open area of floor at least 10' x 20' in area.

Format Traveling Program
Grades 4 – 6
Location n/a
Website n/a
Duration 1 hour
Reservation Required. For information and reservations, please call 617-723-2500 or 617-589-0354. You may also email (see above).
Fee 2 presentations $360; each additional same-day presentation $65. Travel fees apply for sites more than 30 miles from the Museum in Boston.

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