Energy ed grants for schools CT IL ME NJ NY PA and MT

Submitted by Shawn Reeves
2008-09-24 16:49:00

Grant proposals for energy and environmental projects at schools located near Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL) facilities will be accepted online. All applications must be received by October 15, 2008. Early submittals are encouraged. Winners will be announced in November 2008.
About the Grants
PPL continues to look for new ways to partner with school districts in the communities where we live and work. We are all concerned about energy conservation and practicing wise use of energy. We frequently hear about the small things we can all do to make a difference as well as the innovative approaches we can take when it comes to conserving energy. Through our PPL Project Earth program, students across the nation are learning more about energy and the environment and how to conserve and protect precious resources for future generations.

New for 2008
The Project Earth Environmental Education Grants program directs focus toward renewable energy projects and energy conservation projects to encourage action in schools located near PPL facilities.

Through these competitive grants, teachers can receive $500 to $5,000 in funding for school projects that focus on energy issues like renewable energy demonstrations, energy conservation and the greening of schools. Please note: Any amount up to $5,000 may be requested, but an estimated budget must accompany the request.

All qualifying public, private and parochial schools near major PPL facilities are eligible for these competitive grants. (For a full listing of eligible school districts, in PA, CT, IL, ME, NJ and NY click here.) For details on the PPL Montana Project Earth Environmental Education grants, click here. Schools are strongly encouraged to partner with an organization, association or business on their projects, but the school must submit the application, receive the grant money and have primary responsibility for the project.

Grants are available for projects that enhance established classroom curricula and academic standards, or support extracurricular activities of school organizations and clubs.

What the Grants Can Cover
Planning time for educators.
Field trip opportunities.
Costs for substitute teachers.
Transportation costs.
Schools may be asked or they may choose to make a presentation about their project and its results. If so, any project presentation costs such as slides, transparencies or display materials would be covered.

How to Apply
Applications for the 2008 PPL Project Earth Environmental Education Grants will be accepted online beginning in April 2008. The deadline to apply is October 15, 2008.
Proposals should be no longer than 1,000 words and must include a description of the project, grade level, number of students involved, proposed budget and how the project's results will be evaluated.
Projects should be completed by June 30, 2009. Only one application per teacher, please. However, we will consider multiple applications from the same school.
Apply for the 2008 PPL Project Earth Environmental Education Grants by using our online application form. Please save your proposal as a document, then paste the information into the online form. This is a safeguard in case your proposal is not received properly. You can use this template to put your proposal together.
PPL will assemble a judging committee made up of PPL managers, environmental professionals and educators to review proposals and select schools to be funded by the PPL Environmental Education Grants.

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