Sessions of interest planned for New York State science ed conference

Submitted by Shawn Reeves
2008-10-17 15:49:12

Several workshops on energy and climate change are scheduled for the annual Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS). The conference takes place in Rochester, NY, November 1-4, 2008.
Please see the conference guide for information on times and registration:

Some of the sessions of interest to educators dealing with energy and climate change:
C-26 Hands-on Exploration of
Population, Consumption and Our
Changing Climate
Walter Sharp, LeMoyne College
High School : Intermediate
Environmental : Living Environment
Engage in innovative, hands-on activities to make the
connections between human population growth, resource
consumption and climate change. Free activities CD-ROM!

D-24 Green Grand Prix
Robert Gillespie,; Justin Spanneut, New
Hartford Central Schools
High School : College
Environmental : General Interest
An educational and competitive event bringing together
a diverse mix of alternate and hybrid vehicle owners,
businesses promoting renewable energy and related products,
environmental groups, students and faculty members from
elementary to university level and the general public.

G-15 Global Climate Change and
Energy: Watts Up?
Susan Sharp and Len Sharp, Climate Project Ambassador
High School : Intermediate, College
Earth Science : General Interest, MST
How does energy use affect climate change? What role does
the carbon cycle play in global climate change? A presentation
based on VP Al Gore’s Climate Project program and European
Geophysical Union presentation on the carbon cycle. Handouts.

G-28 Using Biodiesel to Teach General
Chemistry Principles
Richard Hartmann, Nazareth College
College : Intermediate, High School
Chemistry : Elementary
The synthesis of biodiesel provides a real world model for the
examination of many concepts typically covered in general
chemistry. Acid-base chemistry is investigated via a titration of
the oil to determine the free fatty acid content. The relationship
between molecular structure and physical properties can be
seen through the measurement of physical properties including
density, viscosity, gel point, and gel point depression.

G-54 Science Olympiad Physical
Science — Alternative Energy
Patricia Sherman and Harry Kranepool, New York State
Science Olympiad
Intermediate : High School
Physics : General Interest
This is a brand new event for B division and rules, strategies,
and tips will be discussed. In addition sample stations will
provide coaches with ideas about the types of questions and
problems that may be used during tournaments. Suggestions
for building and testing the solar collector will be shown.

H-46 Sensing Energy and Shadows
Jane Gilbride, Starpoint High School
Intermediate : High School
Elementary : MST
NASA Educational fellow presents activities that allow students
to explore unseen energy produced by the sun. Students learn
about shadows and energy using literature based discussion.

I-11 & J-11 Wind Energy for Science
Michael Arquin, Bradley Weaver and Patricia Madigan,
Kidwind Project
High School : Intermediate
Environmental : Physics
This is a double workshop session involving I-11 and J-11.
Participants must register for, and attend BOTH workshops.
Learn how to incorporate wind energy into your middle and high
school science classrooms in an engaging hands on fashion.

I-16 & J-16 Get Energy Smart!
Susan Gove, NYS Energy Research and Development
Authority; Jamie Joanethis, NYSERDA Energy Educator
High School : Intermediate
Environmental : Living Environment
This is a double workshop session involving I-16 and J-16.
Participants must register for, and attend BOTH workshops.
We’ll share highlights of NYSERDA’s FREE Energy Smart
Students program. Our three-level highly interactive workshops
raise your Energy IQ – and increase your ability to promote
understanding and action among your students for their lives,
now and in the future.

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