UPDATE: A Cross-Country Eco-Documentary for Kids

Submitted by Colin McCullough

2009-03-23 19:01:37

In May/June 2009, the McCullough family will be crossing the U.S. in their veg-oil powered VW Beetle to make an eco-documentary for kids about renewable energy and sustainability.
The family will be visiting renewable energy sites including wind, solar, hydro, wave, biogas, and geothermal technologies. They will interview people whose work has made significant impacts in sustainable living, inlcuding areas of transportation, design, and zero-waste. The McCulloughs will be visiting 6 of the "Top 10 Green" cities in the U.S. to find out what these cities are doing to be more sustainable.
The DVD video will comprise a collection of 35 five-minute video profiles of destinations and interviews, a format which will make it easier for teachers to use as a resource in their classrooms.
The McCullough family is planning to distribute their DVD to schools nationally, with the mission of inspiring and empowering kids to create a renewable and sustainable future. Their award-winning eco-videos, starring their 9-year-old son Carrick, have already been seen by over 200,000 people.
Teachers are encouraged to follow the cross-country journey of the McCulloughs in their classrooms in May and June 2009, by subscribing to the travel project blog or email distribution list. The blog and email list are posted weekly until they depart in May, when the family begins posting daily as they travel across the U.S. Please visit their website to learn more about the project and to subscribe to the updates:
You can also sign up for the Postcard Program, which is a fundraiser to support the eco-video series. For a $25 donation to support the video series, we'll send five postcards from the road during the journey. Use the web site to contact the family to learn how you can support the postcard program.

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