Earth Science Opportunity for MA secondary teachers

Submitted by Irene Starr

2005-04-19 23:48:01

This is a UMass program offered by the STEM Education Institute and the
Department of Geosciences.
STEM Earth Central: A statewide initiative to promote the teaching of Earth
Science in the science curriculum
University of Massachusetts Amherst

"August 1-5, 8-12, 2005 at UMass Amherst plus academic year online
"Funded by NASA and the UMass Vice Provosts for Outreach and for
"Sponsored by the STEM Education Institute and the Department of
"Middle and High School Science, Math, and Technology Teachers
"Housing and meals provided for teachers outside the commuting area
"$750 stipends
"Up to 6 graduate credits available at reduced cost; free PDP's
"Ongoing partnerships with UMass faculty

Funded by NASA and by UMass Amherst, STEM Earth Central is designed to
promote the teaching of concepts and processes articulated in the Earth and
Space Science strand of the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering
Framework in the middle and high school. It includes a two-week summer
institute and academic year online discussion forums, and features a variety
of proven techniques for effective teaching, including inquiry-based
teaching, cooperative learning, and methods for formative assessment of
student learning.

The summer institute will focus on the relationship between science and
technology as teachers utilize NASA data and images in exploring hydrology,
geology, plate tectonics, meteorology, climatology, and energy resources.
During the institute, participants will begin to develop curriculum units
using NASA materials and local measurements. They will complete these in the
fall, using the online discussion forums to facilitate collaborative efforts
among participants and UMass faculty.

Three graduate credits will be available for the institute and curriculum
unit; the cost will be $225 plus a $30 registration fee. An additional 3
credit option will entail the completion of a research project or the
preparation and presentation of teacher workshops. PDP's will be available
at no cost for those who do not want graduate credits. The stipend for the
summer workshop is $750. Housing and meals will be provided for those who
live outside the commuting area.

Application process: Teachers should prepare a narrative statement of how
they intend to the institute materials in their classroom. They should also
include in their application package a recent resume and a letter of support
from their school principal or superintendent. The application package can
be submitted by email, fax, or US mail. Applications are due May 15, 2005.
Late applications will be accepted on a space available basis.

More information and application forms:

Irene Starr, Project Manager
STEM Education Institute
Hasbrouck Lab
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
voice: 413-545-0734
fax: 413-545-3697

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