Informal solar barbecues will be a chance for educators to trade recipes

Submitted by Shawn Reeves

2009-03-13 13:50:55 announces an informal event for National Environmental Education Week and Earth Week, April 12-25, 2009:
Solar Barbecues
Educators, and anyone interested in solar cooking, are invited to hold gatherings at public parks everywhere, displaying all safe forms of solar cookers.
In the city where is headquartered, Ithaca, NY, we will meet at a different location every day of the two weeks that has sun in the forecast. There will be no competition, just a relaxed atmosphere.
See listings at
Measure sunlight and temperatures. Participants are invited to measure sunlight with microelectronic data-loggers, photography-meters, light-meters, pyranometers, actinometers, Sunshine recorders. Thermometers and data-logging temperature meters are useful for measuring ambient and cooking temperatures. Water pasteurization indicators (WAPI) are useful for ensuring food safety. Interesting investigations include determining incoming power by initial temperature differential, and determining radiating power at equilibrium when temperature stabilizes.
Demonstrate pasteurization. Solar energy is useful for pasteurization. Temperatures below boiling can still kill pathogens; food kept above 75°C for 15 minutes is enough to kill almost anything.
Demonstrate safe food preparation and handling. Participants are invited to run solar-powered preparation appliances, such as blenders and food processors

Participants are invited to share recipes for slow-cooked/baked meals in box-cookers, or high-temperature roasts/broils/fries in concentrating cookers.

Planning an informal event
Groups of educators should announce their events on local media. Send radio stations a public service announcement (PSA), and add events to a newspaper calendar. Look for online community calendars, home-school groups, and solar energy associations.
Post event details online, see if others in your community are planning an event, or discuss planning at:
Play it cannot be held liable for injuries; participants will be held responsible for the laws applicable to the public places. Therefore, reconsider taking knives, high-concentrating lenses and reflectors, high voltage PV systems, and other dangerous items to the event. Maintain adult supervision on all equipment.

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