A Day in the Life at EnergyTeachers.org

Submitted by Shawn Reeves
Originally published: 2009-03-23 15:11:02 Last modified: 2024-03-05 08:27:08

Combining all the best activities of EnergyTeachers.org into a single day, this article paints a picture of the breadth of functions of this organization.
A great day at EnergyTeachers.org starts when we visit a teacher in their classroom, giving free books and equipment, learning about the specific needs of their students, and creating a network where we help the teacher develop, and then learn from their experience. We and the teacher track our developments in our online forum. [Forum link above]
Arriving back at the office, we hear from a new teacher that has developed a great field trip for students to learn about energy production; we put all the relevant information into our field trip database, allowing other teachers to quickly organize trips. [Field Trip Guide link above]
We also hear from one of our sister organizations an announcement about a new opportunity they offer to teachers, and we publish their announcement in our newsletter. [News link above]
The delivery truck stops at our office, leaving a box of 30 copies of a fun, new book about renewable energy that we'll give to teachers as prizes at workshops and conferences. The book is also listed in our online bibliography, with notes about how it can be used in the classroom. [Bibliography link above]
A high school teacher calls us to find out if there is a good college program for a student interested in working at power plants. We look at our list, and find an interesting program in Florida, in the same state as the high school. [Links link above]
In the afternoon, we give a free workshop at a conference for teachers, about how to use new methods for students to analyze meteorological data to predict wind production at their school. [Projects link above]
The workshop was listed, among many workshops by other organizations in many places around the country, in our workshop database. [Workshops link above]
In the evening, we have an informal solar barbecue where we share world-changing designs of solar cookers with other teachers and a group of home-school students. We publish photos of our designs online to inspire other teachers and students. [Projects link above, then Solar Cooking, then Related Links]

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