Excellence in Green Building Education Awards Announced

Submitted by USGBC
2009-03-31 17:40:12

Excellence in Green Building Education Awards: Request for Proposals
The Excellence in Green Building Education Awards Program recognizes outstanding curriculum and teaching methods that incorporate the built environment to teach sustainability. Through recognition awards and incentive grants, the awards program aims to celebrate and disseminate replicable, innovative curricular activities in formal education settings. Model programs are recognized in three categories: pre-K to 12, community and technical colleges, and colleges and universities, for their efforts in advancing green building education.
Incentive grants support the development of new curricula that demonstrate significant creativity and outstanding educational experiences. One $10,000 grant will be awarded to each education level category. Recognition awards honor existing educational programs and curricula for their innovative efforts to bring green building education to a broad spectrum of educational levels and content areas. Up to 15 recognition awards will be selected to receive a $1,000 honorarium.
With USGBC’s guiding principles as a backdrop, submissions should use the built environment as a teaching tool and focus on at least one of USGBC’s strategic goals. To find out more about eligibility, the submission process, criteria, scoring and other information, visit USGBC’s Educator Resource Center at

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