Family trek uncovers diverse energy solutions

Submitted by Shawn Reeves
2010-04-22 12:17:08

From May to July, the McCullough family traversed the United States, recording interviews with various innovative players in the business of alternative and renewable energies. The family wanted to explore their desire to see more use of renewable energy, and to provide the rest of us with opportunities to share their exploration.
The project is part of a larger program, Our Renewable Nation, which provides classrooms with media and ideas about renewable energy and sustainable living.
During the trip, Colin, the father, sent several email updates. Through the updates, we find:
*Carrick, the 9 year old son, touring a wind turbine manufacturing plant.
*Lots of people asking about their veggie-oil powered car.
*The family touring of Nevada Solar One, a new 70MW parabolic trough plant in Boulder City.
*Carrick and Colin test-driving a Tesla Roadster.
*The group touring Google HQ's solar array.
*The family staying at a Rural Cluster Development near Seattle.

Once, during the trip, an update-reader asked:
"Question: This trips focus is to help educate the youth of America about Green living and Technology. How does that change your filming style, your eye for content, knowing your goal audience will be children?"
Colin replied:
"Sometimes I have to remind the people we are interviewing to keep the answers general and not get too technical. Some of the people we've filmed so far are on the engineering end and it's easy for them to get too technical. What I'm trying to do is make 5-minute videos that provide a general overview that would be interesting for kids, but also for adults too. Our Holy Name wind turbine video is a good example of that."

You can view several videos from the program at:

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