Company supplies fundraising with energy awareness media

Submitted by Marvin Weisenthal

2009-09-09 13:42:44

Energy conservation & environmental issues provide great school fundraising opportunities.
Tired of the same old fundraising programs? Need a fresh, easy-to-implement program?
Look no further!
Take a look beyond candy sales and pizza kits to an program that gives you an opportunity not only to fund your school projects, but also to improve the environment.
Your school can raise money while students, local businesses and your community make a difference in the world.
WHO? offers quality products to promote energy conservation, recycling and other environmental causes. These products are offered to school organizations for resale as part of a fundraising program that really works.
As a leading provider of environmental awareness products to schools, businesses, hospitals, hotels and the government, we have proven products, ideas and a support system that will make your fundraising efforts successful. We are experienced and can offer your school personalized attention to meet your unique needs. has a dedicated team of creative people ready to talk with you and develop a program that will work for your school.
Our program offers a huge variety of inexpensive, useful, imprinted products pre-designed with energy conservation and environmental themes that will make a difference in your school.
Products include:
Light Switch Decals, Magnets, Travel Mugs, Key Chains, Calendars, Pens & Pencils, Eco-friendly Bags, T-shirts & much more.
There are two options for sales:
1. Have students sell the products from the order sheets, compile them and submit the complete order to us.
2. Order a quantity of product for immediate profit and distribution. We can put together packages that include quantities of 100 / 250 / 500 / 1000 each of chosen products. We recommend you keep it manageable; you can always order more. However, the more you buy of each product, the lower your cost becomes. The choice is yours.
3. Schools can also team with local businesses who buy media from Awareness Ideas so that the schools can receive a commission.
Profits for your school can be expected to range from 50% to 200%, depending on how you structure your program.
Visit for an overview then call us to discuss your individual needs.
For fundraising specifics, visit
Or just call us at 800-875-1725 to get started.

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