Ameri-Skills Offers ETA-Certified Turnkey Solar Training Program

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2010-01-14 15:25:27

Ameri-Skills Offers ETA-Certified Turnkey Solar Training Program for Universities, Community Colleges, Continuing Education, High Schools, Trade Schools, and Workforce Investment Act Programs
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ETA Solar Certifications:
Ameri-Skills ( has announced that they are now offering a turnkey solar training program that can be utilized by community colleges, universities, trade schools, adult continuing education, Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Veteran Affairs Education Assistance Programs to startup new solar training classes in their community. The solar training program will allow any school to begin a solar training program to teach students the entry-level basics for installing solar PV electric systems.
Ameri-Skills' solar training program was certified by ETA International's new Alternative Energy Training School Certification program, which provides training school certifications for solar and wind workforce training programs.
The Ameri-Skills turnkey solar training program provides a certified instructor; training manuals; "hands-on" exercises; and the ETA International solar entry-level certification for students who pass the ETA Level I PV Installer Certification exam and want to pursue a "green job." (See six "Renewable Energy Programs" at
Ameri-Skills will also help the schools fill out the appropriate paperwork to participate in Federal Workforce Investment Act programs that will give students access to approximately $3,000 to $5,000 to pay for tuition fees to learn a new skill for jobs in the solar electric (photovoltaic), solar thermal, small wind generation, micro-hydro power generation and other Alternative Energy technologies. Learn more about community college grants at:
ETA International's certifications are widely recognized as the best in the business because of their stringent certification process. ETA International has a full-time staff that carefully evaluates every school's entire training program, not just the training school's administration.
ETA International evaluates and certifies the school's solar training materials, the solar training instructors and the "hands-on" solar training program, which are all required become an ETA International approved solar training school. Once approved, schools are recognized as an ETA Certification Administrator (CA) and allowed to administer ETA International's solar training certification exams in class. Students that pass are awarded an ETA Solar PV Installer Certification, which is recognized throughout the United States.
Schools interested in becoming an ETA-approved examination site should download an application from:

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