Classroom Earth 2010 High School Challenge offers grants up to $4k

Submitted by National Environmental Education Foundation
2010-01-19 16:14:33

Environmental education benefits students - from increasing their understanding of how earth's resources and natural systems work, offering opportunities for hands-on activities and inquiry-based learning to providing practical information about how to succeed in the green economy. Classroom Earth wants to help support teachers around the country who want to make environmental education part of their curriculum.
Classroom Earth's 2010 National High School Challenge provides grants up to $4,000 to help support innovative projects to incorporate environmental education into all subject areas.
Classroom Earth is committed to helping teachers integrate envirronemtnal education into their curricula to inspire their students to help solve environemntal problems.
Teachers from all subject areas are encouraged apply. Energy-related curriculum has been awarded in the past; see examples at:
To apply to the program:

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