seeks Pepsi popular grant for energy audit kits

Submitted by Shawn Reeves

2010-05-05 10:39:42 is in the running for popular votes for energy audit kits for NYS teachers. The kits would include infrared cameras, electricity meters, and lamp-ballast checkers.
Pepsi Corporation is giving away $1.3M every month in its new Refresh Everything program, in which visitors to their web site and Facebook users vote for innovative ideas for improving the nation or their local communities. Grants are distributed in six categories; health, arts and culture, food and shelter, the planet, neighborhoods, and education; and four amounts; $5k, $10k, $25k, and $250k.
Please support and teachers by voting daily at:
or use the Facebook app and search for "energy audit tools":
Any one registrant can vote 10 times per day, once per idea. Registration is required. If you do not prefer to give away your email address, use your name at instead.
If you are not from New York, and you would like to apply with a similar proposal for your state, please contact us and we will begin the process of applying not only with Pepsi, but with other grantors that offer state-by-state grants.
More about the proposal:
Teachers have contacted us to borrow modern equipment for their courses in which they are educating the future energy efficiency and clean energy workforce. We seek to expand this favorite and effective program. Students are motivated to be life-long learners and break barriers in the learning of science, engineering, and technology. We will provide a lending library of ten infrared cameras, light testing equipment,and supporting materials to over 100 teachers/year, to schools that otherwise would not be able to update their curriculum and materials with such modern items. Furthering our economical plan, we will use our buying power to make purchases that individual schools can't usually access. 50,000 students per year will be affected. We will provide consultation to teachers to help integrate the program into their curriculum; the impact will last for years. We'll offer workshops at state conferences for science and technology teachers in 2 states.


Last month, April, Waukee School District in Iowa won a $50,000 grant from Refresh Everything. Read about it at:

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