National Wildlife Federation offers educational resources on oil spill

Submitted by Laura Hickey
2010-05-12 15:27:10

The catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the April 20, 2010 explosion of an offshore oil rig has put local economies, wildlife and the Gulf's delicate coastal ecosystem at risk. This could be one of the worst environmental disasters in our nation's history. Many dedicated people are working hard to cap the well, contain the spill and minimize the damage to one of our nation’s crown jewels: the Mississippi Delta.

National Wildlife Federation has developed a comprehensive page on the Eco-Schools USA website that will help you, your students and their families to better understand this environmental catastrophe. Resources include:
*Important background information and lesson plans about the issue
*A map showing where the spill is located and how it is spreading
*A specific guide for talking with kids about the Gulf Oil Spill
*The importance of this particular area to wildlife and how experts and volunteers are helping wetlands and wildlife to survive
*A link directly to Ranger Rick's website, featuring kids' questions about the issue

Together we can better understand this serious environmental issue.
Please see this web page at:

Best regards,
Laura Hickey
Senior Director, Eco-Schools USA
National Wildlife Federation

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