Applications open for M.Sc. for Renewable Energy Science in Iceland

Submitted by David Stefansson

2010-06-02 20:36:01

RES-the School for Renewable Energy Science, an international graduate school based in Iceland, is now accepting applications for M.Sc. studies in Renewable Energy Science on a rolling basis.
RES is an international graduate school based in Iceland devoted to education in renewable energy science and technology. The school offers an intensive and unique one year M.Sc. Program in Renewable Energy Science. The school has already received a number of applications for the next academic year starting in February 2011. In order to process applications as soon as possible, the RES Academic Board has decided to accept applications on a rolling basis, meaning that you can apply for the Graduate Program already today.
Applications are accepted on qualification and first-come/first-served basis. i.e. in case of equal qualification of two applicants, the early applicant is given the place. Thus it is recommended to apply as soon as possible, well before the deadline. Students can send their completed application form and CV by email before the other documents in order to secure a place.
RES offers currently five specializations of study: Geothermal Energy; Hydropower; Fuel Cell Systems and Hydrogen; Biofuels and Bioenergy; and Energy Systems. Other specializations to be offered in the near future include Wind & Wave Power and Solar Energy.

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