Horizon's Clean Energy Science Kits for Teachers and Students

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2010-06-10 23:05:03

The United States is now at a historical junction where the need for emphasis on education and for new energy alternatives has never been more important. Could there be a way to combine these two cornerstones of President Obama's proposed recovery plan?
Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is responding to this call, by introducing new teaching tools that focus on the science of renewable energy. These hands-on science experiment kits, including small wind-turbines, solar panels and zero emission vehicle construction sets, are designed as the chemistry sets of the future.
"By focusing education on supporting the development of strategic industries such as renewable energy, we could enable new jobs while increasing our energy security and combating climate change," says Dane Urry, education marketing manager of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. "For this, we must find creative ways to help prepare a new generation of green-collar workers, engineers, scientists, creative thinkers and eco-crusaders - a generation that will create the basis for America's next era of prosperity."
Horizon's science education kits provide a fun, interactive way to introduce the principles and importance of carbon-free energy systems. Horizon's latest educational solutions for elementary and high schools will include teaching manuals for teachers and students, laboratory materials/kits for experimentation and free online resources for educators.
"National programs are necessary for promoting renewable energy technologies and education for future scientists and engineers," said Dr. Colleen Spiegel, author and fuel cell scientist states. "Horizon’s renewable energy-focused educational tools cover a myriad of science and engineering topics that would be beneficial for college-bound students to study and investigate."
Initiatives to bring renewable energy science to the classroom is taking root with support from several large organizations including SAE International, a global association of more than 121,000 engineers and related technical experts in the automotive, aerospace and commercial-vehicle industries. Its nationwide hands-on education program, "A World in Motion®" promotes science, technology, math and education for students in grades K-12. AWIM program developer, Ken Francis explains, "Through the Fuel Cell Challenge, student teams design toy cars using Horizon's small PEM fuel cells to power an electric motor. This educational activity helps students understand fuel cell operation, hydrogen production, energy transformation, alternative fuels and energy sources. In addition, elements of 'green design' are explored as the teams develop their products."
The National Science Teachers Association has placed great importance on the topic of renewable energy science. "Renewable energy education is such a critical topic today and to the future of our nation," said Francis Eberle, executive director, NSTA. "Given the threat of global climate change, it is imperative that we educate our nation’s youth about the importance of using energy efficiently and make them aware of alternate energy resources."
For more information about Horizon's renewable energy teaching support tools, please email us at 'education' at the domain horizonfuelcell.com. To download information about Horizon's complete line of renewable energy science education kits please visit: http://www.horizonfuelcell.com/files/Education_Series_PDF.pdf
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