Facebook voters help Chase choose EnergyTeachers.org for wind ed

Submitted by Shawn Reeves
2010-06-23 18:37:22

Until July 12, 2010, facebook users can vote for EnergyTeachers.org or any IRS-recognized charity (501(c)(3)) in the USA. The 200 charities with the most votes by the end of July 12 will receive grants from Chase, the financial company providing this opportunity. Every user can vote for 20 charities once.
EnergyTeachers.org has promised to provide wind energy education kits to 100 schools across the country if it wins the $20k category. If it can garner a few hundred votes in the coming weeks, it has a good chance of winning.
See the Chase Community Giving page on facebook. Please vote for EnergyTeachers.org and 19 other charities of your choice:
Here's how to get through all the rigamarole at facebook:
1) Sign onto Facebook
2) Go to the link:
3) If you haven't used Chase Community giving yet:
3a) click the green button "Get started to vote."
3b) Allow CCG app to access only your basic info.
3c) "Like" Chase Community Giving. This is their way of getting free
advertising through your wall, but at least they aren't advertising a specific
product, just this foundation. But see privacy settings below.
3d) You'll see a phrase pop up next to the Like button saying "verification
required." click that.
3e) Click on the Like button on Chase Community Giving's main page. Either
it'll work, or you'll have to enter a ReCaptcha two-word phrase.
4) If you have used Chase Community giving, click on the green button "Vote."
5) If you are concerned about the privacy of your image/name/votes, you can
chose among three preferences settings in the Chase app:
A) Share all of my activity with everyone who has allowed "Access" to the
Chase Community Giving application (recommended)
B) Share all of my activity only with my friends who have allowed "Access" to
the Chase Community Giving application
C) Share none of my activity with anyone who has allowed "Access" to the Chase
Community Giving application

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