NYC schools can enroll in enrichment programs for fall

Submitted by Solar One

2010-06-27 17:30:39

Solar Now is accepting applications for programs for Fall 2010. Please email (see email image above) or call 646-576-5667 to schedule a class today

Format: Their enrichment programs offer three 1.5 hour long sessions for each topic: renewable energy, sustainable design, estuary ecology, park ecology or ecological art. They typically offer two sessions at your school or site, and one field trip to Solar One. Learn more about our enrichment programs on our website:
When: Enrichment Programs are being offered Monday- Friday from 9am - 5pm in-school and on-site at Solar One.
How to Schedule a Program:
1. To schedule a class, fill out a quick Registration Form that tells S1 about your school and which program you would like to be involved with.
2. Please include your contact information and include several dates/times for in-school and on-side sessions, and email it to S1 at the address [see image above].
*Solar One is now a vendor with the NYC Department of Education*
Not a DOE school?
Solar One offer programs to all schools, after-school programs, and more! Please email them for more information about program cost and scheduling.

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