Call for presentations at Renewable Energy Workforce Education Conf.

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2010-08-26 11:15:52

This conference will take place March 8-10, 2011, in Saratoga, NY. The deadline for proposal submission is October 1, 2010. You can participate in the 2011 Clean Energy Workforce Education Conference by submitting a short presentation proposal for consideration.
A strong and well-trained workforce is essential for the rapidly growing clean energy markets. This fourth national conference for educators and trainers will offer the most current information on instructional strategies, curricula development, career pathways, and best practices for training in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields.
The conference will be held at the Saratoga Hilton in Saratoga Springs, New York, a 30- minute drive north of the Albany International Airport. Technical workshops will be held on March 8 and conference sessions will be on March 9 and 10.
You can participate in the 2011 Clean Energy Workforce Education Conference by submitting a short presentation proposal for consideration.
Presentations will be grouped into 90-minute sessions organized around a common topic. Four to six speakers will be part of each session.
This is the one national event that brings training leaders together. Don't miss out on the chance to network with other instructors, educational leaders, and industry experts training the green workforce.
The deadline for proposal submission is October 1, 2010
Presentation proposals may not exceed 400 words
Presentations must address one the following topics:
*Course and Program Development
*Developing Curricula
*Course Delivery - On Line and On Site
*Credit and Non-Credit Training Programs
*Continuing Education Programs
*Effective Approaches and New Models for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Training (Anaerobic Digesters Training, Geothermal Training, Solar Energy Training, and Wind Training)
*Energy Management and Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency Training Programs
*Hands-On Laboratories
*State and Federal Programs Supporting Practitioner Training
*Funding Training Programs
*Career Ladders for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
*Creating On-Ramps to Training, Credentials, and Jobs
*Creating a Pipeline from Middle School & High School to Two- and Four-Year Colleges and Beyond
*Sector Strategies
Internships, Apprenticeships, and Workforce Readiness
*Labor and Apprenticeship Renewable Energy Training Programs
*Developing Partnerships with Industry, Government, or other Training Providers
*Industry-Sponsored Training
*Utility Industry - Planning for the Deployment of Renewables
*Internship Programs
Quality Assessment
*Setting Skill Standards
*Certificate and Certification Programs
*Accreditation Programs
Policy and Predictions
*Policy Impacts on Jobs
*Defining Green Jobs - Occupational Classifications
*Job Forecasts for the Renewable Energy or Energy Efficiency *Industries
*Predictions on Skills for the Next Two Decades - What's Ahead in the "Green" Sector?
*Smart Grid - Training for Rebuilding the Grid
If you have a topic that does not quite fit one of these categories, you may submit a proposal for consideration; however, selection will be based on merit and meeting the conference's theme.
If you are submitting a proposal for a presentation, it must be about a new or unique aspect of one of the items on the topic list. Each proposal will be evaluated on the basis of its contribution to the Clean Energy Workforce Education Conference. Proposals should be well organized and results should be clearly defined. Your proposal should outline what attendees will learn from your presentation. Proposals that are more than 400 words will not be considered.
Sales pitches for products or companies will be automatically rejected.
Along with your proposal, please provide a very brief introduction or biographical paragraph (no more than 50 words). Please describe your level of expertise and competence on the topic.
All proposals must be submitted on line. Submit your proposal here
Speakers will receive a complimentary registration to the Clean Energy Workforce Education '11 Conference Sessions, not to the technical workshops. IREC is unable to cover travel and accommodation expenses for speakers.
The Conference organizers have the right to publish abstracts for the purposes of the conference. By submitting a proposal, you are attesting that you are the owner of all content and have the authority to grant IREC or other Conference organizers permission to include the presentation abstract and Power Point Presentation in a compilation of conference proceedings.
The Selection Committee will meet in the fall of 2010 to review proposals and select the speakers. The conference schedule will be developed in early winter. Decisions are final. You will not have the opportunity to appeal the Committee's decision.
All speakers are invited to prepare posters that will be on display during the conference. Instructions for posters will be sent in subsequent communications about the Conference.
For more information about the conference, please see the web site:

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