School Group Discounts at PA Energy Fest Sep 17

Submitted by Karen Feridun

2010-08-27 13:16:37

School Group Discounts at PA Energy Fest
Organizers of the popular Pennsylvania Energy Fest have introduced a discounted rate for school groups attending the festival.
The Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association is offering a discounted rate to school groups attending this year's PA Energy Fest on Friday, September 17th. Groups of 10 or more students and teachers will be charged $4 per student and $6 per teacher. We request that teachers interested in bringing groups to the festival reserve with us by September 15th.
The schedule of Friday's events is listed on our website:
Interested groups should send a contact name and information, name of school, grade level(s) of students who will be attending, & number of students and adults in the group to [see email address image above].
Feel free to contact Karen Feridun at the same address with your questions or call Karen at 610-678-7726.

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