Free subscription to Home Power for US school libraries

Submitted by KidWind
2010-09-02 19:22:53

Redwood Alliance, a grassroots organization that deals mainly with energy issues, received a donation from an anonymous person who wishes to provide subscriptions to Home Power magazine for free to hundreds of U.S. school libraries.
The donor feels that the sooner students, teachers, and staff are exposed to home-scale renewable energy, the more likely they are to use these wonderful technologies.
If your K-12 school library would like a free, 2 yr. subscription to Home Power, please fill out the form at the following web page:
One subscription per school library.
K-12 school libraries in U.S. states only.
School librarians or other employees only.
Homeschooling does not qualify as a K-12 school library.
Post-high school libraries do not qualify.
Note: Home Power is a sophisticated magazine about homemade renewable energy, and also includes information on alternative transportation and green building. For more info before deciding if Home Power is right for your school libary, please visit the Home Power web site:

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