NY energy authority seeks host sites for several workshops

Submitted by Tracy Hemwall

2010-09-27 21:40:48

You may have heard of this program before, and while quite a few NYS educators (about 12%) have taken advantage of this opportunity, many have not.
The Energy Smart Students Program offers workshops for classroom teachers, community educators, and pre-service teachers - in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability. Teachers in attendance receive hands-on instruction and leave with lesson plans, posters, and instructional materials correlated to the NYS Learning Standards.
Many of our programs provide six hours of staff development, but abbreviated, 3.5 hour programs are available. We can even do two-part workshops after school. Many of these programs would be a great fit for a professional development day. This year, we have also introduced an exciting, new 2.5 hour Sustainable Living workshop.
We set up these workshops in various locations - schools, libraries, nature preserves, museums, zoos. We simply need someone to help facilitate at your site and a dedicated audience to whom we can market the event. If you would like to host a workshop, I will be happy to help with your marketing efforts. We can provide you with a customized flyer to help get the word out to your audience and to teachers in the surrounding area.
If your site would be interested in providing these workshops for the school districts you serve, please let me know. It would be my pleasure to work with you to coordinate these NYSERDA workshop offerings. I will personally oversee the entire process, including registration, from beginning to end to ensure a successful workshop for you and your attendees. Once the program has been scheduled, we will provide the educator and all the materials necessary to deliver the event at your location.
*No-cost workshops, delivered by one of our professional trainers
*Free curriculum, posters, and student-centered materials correlated to the NYS Learning Standards.
*Substitute stipend for workshops taking place on a school day.
*Lunch provided for our six-hour workshops.
Please contact me, Tracy Hemwall, for more info. [see email image]
*ABCs of Energy (Grades K-3) ? 6 hours
This hands-on workshop introduces basic energy content through fun and engaging activities that will lay the groundwork for energy education at an early age. Students will apply classroom lessons to their own lives through a family-oriented take-home activity.
*4Es of Energy (Grades 4-6) ? 6 hours
How does energy relate to the environment, our economy, efficiency, and the all-important "E? ? education? Find out in this hands-on, interdisciplinary workshop. Explore energy forms and sources, global climate change, and ways to address our energy challenges. A new school-to-home booklet teaches students and families how to cut their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprints. Help collect energy action plans, and qualify for gift certificates for educational supplies and additional classroom incentives.
*Energy Trilogy (Grades 7-12) ? 6 hours
This interdisciplinary workshop will define the energy trilogy?economics, efficiency, and the environment?and how they relate to global demand and climate change. Don't miss this opportunity to introduce your students to the impacts of their energy use. Using new curriculum materials, explore actions we can take to make a difference at school and at home. Involve your students in developing energy action plans, and qualify for gift certificates for educational supplies and additional classroom incentives.
*Sustainable Living (Grades 6-12) ? 2.5 hours
Learn how to measure your energy use and make informed, energy-wise decisions. Engage in hands-on activities, and receive a teaching tool kit you can use with your class to explore sustainability practices in energy, water, transportation, food, and the consumption of goods. Following the workshop, you and your class can qualify for incentives and prizes based on your implementation of sustainable actions.
*K-6 Librarian Workshop ? 6 hours ? designed for school and public librarians. Includes lesson activities and an annotated bibliography of energy books and media.
*Mathematics Workshop ? 6 hours ? for teachers in Grades 8 and 9. Incorporates math-focused lessons aligned with the NYS Learning Standards and Correlations.

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