2nd physics of sustainable energy conference March 2011

Submitted by AAPT
2010-11-03 23:01:06

Second Conference on the Physics of Sustainable Energy: Efficiency and Renewables.
A popular energy workshop is making a repeat performance. On March 5-6, 2011, at UC Berkeley (Evans Hall 10), under the sponsorship of the APS Forum-Physics/Society, the APS Topical Group on Energy Research and Applications, and the American Association of Physics Teachers, international experts will give the technical background to understand the issues connected with using energy more efficiently and producing it renewably.
The event sold out last time, so sign up in advance:
http://www.calpoly.edu/~dhafemei or
The cost is $100 for 24 talks, a 400-page book and 2 lunches, student rate is $80, and $35 for the banquet at the Berkeley Faculty Club. The event is being organized by Dave Hafemeister, Barbara Levi, Dan Kammen and Peter Schwartz.

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