Group seeking stories from youth climate change action movement

Submitted by Dominic Frongillo
2010-11-30 13:38:01

Seeking inspiring stories from the youth climate movement.
Do you know a young person with a particularly powerful story working on the front lines of climate change? Do you know a youth-driven effort, organization, or campaign which is playing a leadership role in addressing climate change?
At this most critical moment in history, a new generation of young people is coming of age in a world of rapidly converging crises. Young people everywhere are emerging as leaders and movement-builders in the struggle to address climate change. Just as stories have been central in all past movements for social change, what’s needed now more than ever are stories that motivate and inspire people to rise to the challenges before us.
Help give voice to the youth climate movement!
Dominic Frongillo, youngest elected council member in Caroline, N.Y. and U.S. youth delegate to the U.N. climate negotiations in Bali, Copenhagen, and Cancun, is seeking stories of young people working on the front lines of climate change and youth-driven efforts blazing a path towards climate solutions. He will be compiling these stories of the emerging youth climate movement for a publication to be shared widely.
Can you help by recommending the youth climate heroes and youth-driven climate efforts from around the world which have most inspired you? Please nominate a leading youth climate hero or youth-driven climate effort by clicking here: Nominate a youth climate story.
Thank you for your help sharing these important stories!

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