Electricity-use meter giveaway at EnergyTeachers.org

Submitted by Shawn Reeves

2010-12-10 13:02:26

The first teacher to submit an article about how they are teaching about energy production or use in their classroom gets a free Kill-A-Watt meter. Some rules apply.
A Kill-A-Watt is a small device that fits between a plug and an outlet, showing how much energy is passing through the meter. It can measure voltage, current, power, cumulative energy use, duty cycle, and power factor, providing useful information for comparing household appliances and analyzing them for efficiency and use. You can learn more about them at the manufacturer's page:

1) Contest begins December 10, 2011 12:00 EST.
2) Participants must enter an article using the web form at http://energyteachers.org/NewsEntry.php including a story, a short description of the story, their name, and a valid e-mail address. They will have the option to hide or publish their e-mail address.
3) Participants permit EnergyTeachers.org to use their story on the internet and in print.
4) Participants must send a message using the contact form at http://energyteachers.org/contact.php to ask to be included in the contest.
5) EnergyTeachers.org reserves the right to judge whether an article is truthful and appropriate for publication; we will ensure the article is about an activity provided by a classroom teacher for their students, that has already occured. We also reserve the right to edit articles for clarity and thoroughness.
6) Only the first person to complete all the requirements above will receive the meter. The contest winner will be announced in this newsletter, their name and workplace only.

Participants may also submit photos to go with their stories, via email to [see e-mail address image above].
Participants may prevent their e-mail address from being published by leaving the "Make email public?" check-box unchecked.

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