VT environmental org announces 2011 wind farm tours

Submitted by CET
2011-03-25 00:12:09

Searsburg Wind Farm tour dates:
Friday, April 1
Tuesday, June 7 (Education Day)
Tuesday, July 19
Tuesday, September 27
Thursday, October 13
Eleven 550-kilowatt wind turbines make up the 6-megawatt Searsburg power plant, which provides enough emission-free electricity to supply 1,600 average Vermont households. The facility also serves as an educational resource and research tool for investigating wind generation in cold climates. These periodic guided tours offer a unique opportunity for the public to get a closer look at an operating wind farm.
Tour dates and size of groups are limited to maintain wildlife habitat preservation efforts. Registration is required. If you would like to schedule a tour of an operational wind power facility up close in 2011, contact Northeast Wind at 802-244-7522 ext. 4.

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