New teacher resources for climate-energy TV prog

Submitted by CLEAN
2011-06-01 12:59:17

CLEAN, the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network , which is a reviewed and annotated digital library collection, has teamed up with EARTH: The Operators' Manual (or ETOM) a PBS television special starring Penn State glaciologist and climate expert Dr. Richard Alley. The ETOM website ( ) includes a streaming version of the entire program, a fully annotated script, links to high quality learning activities from CLEAN. Clips of the program can be downloaded for use in classrooms. Short segments such as IT'S US -- which details how scientists know from carbon isotopes that human activities are altering the climate system -- are connected to online learning resources vetted by CLEAN.
For teachers who would like to connect with other educators, or to ask Dr. Alley or writer/director Geoff Haines-Stiles specific questions about the program, the ICEE Community Forum ( ) offers a discussion thread about ETOM.

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