First ever Green Dollhouse Challenge awards given in Greenfield, MA

Submitted by Shawn Reeves
2012-05-10 00:47:07

picture of insulated window and a recycling bin outside a dollhouse
A troop of Girl Scouts, a middle-schooler, and a pair of middle-schoolers earned standard-based, non-competitive awards in several categories of so-called green building. It was the first ever Green Dollhouse Challenge, created by of Sharon, Massachusetts.

Tower Home, by Malcom Reyes, won two awards:
•Innovation, citing a commendation from the jury that "the strongly vertical design is thought provoking. There is a powerful thermal logic that is undeniable. Perhaps you could sleep downstairs in the summer. your entry made me think about housing in a new way."
•Landscape, citing a commendation from the jury that "the landscaping of tower home looks like it was fun to make. It's thoughtful that there is landscaping on a roof of a tower, not just the ground, and the difference between the towers can be part of thoughtful play."

11313 Savanna Street, by Girl Scout troop 11313, won two awards:
Fenestration, citing a commendation from the jury—"I appreciate the variety of window treatment, different kinds of shades and curtains and the second floor some windows closed off."
Recycling, citing a commendation from the jury that "this house incorporates many different kinds of recycled materials in a fun way, and has a little recycling bin that can be part of playing with the house."

Green Stream by Peter Hudlicka and Michael Kamlarz, won one award:
Research, citing a commendation from the jury that "Entrants, and anyone playing with Green Stream, get to explore ways of gathering, storing, and using renewable energy through great technologies including rooftop photovoltaic modules, rechargeable batteries (yay!), and a hydrogen fuel cell. Since this entry rolls, it's inherently fun."

The event was organized by Greening Greenfield's Energy Committee, and was hosted by Greenfield Community College. The event also included a showcase of presentations on sustainable topics and a KidWind Challenge.

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