New Yorkers offered minigrants to begin building green play structures

Submitted by Shawn Reeves

2012-11-30 15:14:16 is offering New Yorkers reimbursements for purchasing materials to build entries for its new Green Dollhouse Challenge, a non-competitive challenge to create play structures that involve any of more than two dozen so-called green attributes.

The Green Dollhouse Challenge was inspired by a program well-documented in the book Green Dollhouse:creating a doll's eye view of a healthier world, edited by Fred McLennan, Jill Boone, and Jason F. McLennan, with photos by Emily Hagopian, published by ECOtone in 2005.

Incentive agreement:, a charitable nonprofit, will reimburse purchases of materials by New York State families, schools, and organizations that register entries, up to $75 per entry.
All ages can work on challenge, but registrant must be at least 13 years old.
Entrants must register online, provide a mailing address, describe their project on a web form, upload at least one drawing or photo, and upload images of receipt(s) for materials. It is our discretion to determine what counts as a valid description and image—We will work with entrants to create meaningful descriptions and images.
Limited to one reimbursed entry per family, three entries per school/organization.
Reimbursement, by check via mail, will occur within one month of all the above requirements being completed. The order of reimbursement will follow completion of registration, not order of incomplete registrations.
Offer valid only until January 31, or until funds are depleted.
Entrants allow to use any uploaded images (drawings, photos) of entries for educational and outreach purposes.
Open to any residents of New York State or students attending school or other program in NYS such as a camp.
Email [see email image] for ideas or help with registration.
Please keep backup copies of all materials and writings.
If an entry is created by someone younger than 13, we will track their entry using their representative registrant's contact information—The best way to protect personal information of children is not to collect/use it. Teachers and youth group leaders should use team names, not children's names, to track multiple entries.
After we run out of money we'll try to help further entries with materials donated-in-kind or ideas.
We hope all entries will consider being part of a non-competititve, culminating event next summer where a jury will award entries appropriately.

Please go to the main page for information and a link to registration:

Funded in part by Time Warner Cable, Central New York.

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