UPDATED: Free Fuel Cell Model Car Challenge and Workshop for HS Student Teams

Submitted by Linda Lung

2005-10-11 20:30:19

Dear High School Science Teacher:
If you are looking for an exciting and creative way to introduce your students to science issues that affect today's world, then we have just the event for you…it’s the MRS Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Challenge and Workshop.
This one-day event, scheduled for Monday, November 28 at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, will provide both you and your students with a hands-on, active learning experience unlike any other. Learn about hydrogen (definitely, the fuel of the future), fuel cells and car building from experts in these fields. And after the workshop, put your new knowledge to work by joining us for the MRS Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Challenge! You and your students will be divided into teams where you will build your own hydrogen fuel cell cars, and then participate in a little “friendly competition” to see whose car goes the fastest.
Our expectations are high. We anticipate approximately 30 teams of up to four students and one teacher per team. Each team will be given a fuel cell car kit and all participants will receive a souvenir T-shirt plus lunch and snacks throughout the day. Starting time is 7AM; the day will end around 4PM, after the race. There is no cost for this event, but space is limited and will be allocated to teams on a first-come basis. More details on the kits and cars are included in the attached materials.
The Materials Research Society (MRS) builds partnerships to offer science education programs to the general public. This special event is being held in conjunction with the 2005 MRS Fall Meeting and, in addition to the Materials Research Society, is sponsored by General Motors, the Department of Energy, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The MRS Fall Meeting, an annual Boston event, brings together over 5000 chemists, physicists, ceramists, bioengineers, materials scientists and researchers from around the world to present the latest research findings in their respective fields. (For more info on the 2005 MRS Fall Meeting visit http://www.mrs.org/meetings/fall2005/)
Again, our expectations are high as we look forward to a day of scientific adventure. Please join us. Complete and return the attached preregistration form TODAY and accept the challenge!
Linda Lung
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Office of Education Programs
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E-mail: linda_lung@nrel.gov

The Materials Research Society is a not-for-profit scientific association founded in 1973 to promote interdisciplinary goal-oriented research on materials of technological importance. Membership in the Society consists of more than 13,175 scientists from industry, government, academia and research laboratories in the United States and nearly 50 other countries. For further information about the Materials Research Society, visit our Web site at http://www.mrs.org.

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