US Climate change educators summit seeks presenters

Submitted by Pam Harmon
2013-12-16 17:51:26

The Educators Summit will help middle and high school teachers design and teach Common Core, STEM, and Next Generation Science curriculum that engages students as citizen scientists working in collaboration with community planners and leaders.
Our science classrooms, in concert with other disciplines, must partner with community planners and leaders to meet the challenges of recent and projected onslaught of climate impacts into their daily operations.
The Educators Summit invites teachers, students, and community leaders who want to:
*Share their stories, successes, and challenges teaching & learning about climate change preparedness
*Collaborate on designing preparedness curriculum
*Participate in Round Table discussions like, “Students as Citizen Scientists”
*Participate in Plenary sessions like "Lessons from School / Community Partnerships" and "Citizen Scientists Meet the Standards."

They are looking for engaging workshop presenters wanting to contribute to the development of community-­based, problem-­solving curriculum that engage students in climate change preparedness by having students:
*Conduct vulnerability assessments
*Protect natural, and human-­built systems (including social systems) that maintain resilience
*Create community action plans for adapting to forecast changes
*Build community support to implement adaptive responses
*Network with schools, community planners and leaders working toward solving similar problems

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