Video Interviews betw. Classrooms and Global Change Scientists Avail.

Submitted by Rita Chang
2005-09-21 22:51:54

Classroom Encounters with Global Change Scientists is a four part film series featuring world class scientists meeting with young people in a classroom setting to discuss some of the most compelling science issues of the day.

These films were produced by an earth science teacher for teachers, students, educators, and all who are curious about how our planet works and what might make it go haywire. They were designed as a teaching tool for teachers to inform, educate and inspire, and to model how young people respond and think when explorer-scientists share the latest discoveries in the field, and connect science to our every day lives.

The films consist of a classroom encounter with a scientist, a student inteview and a teacher interview. (Click here for purchasing information.) Special Discount for Teachers: Order Now Through September 30, 2005 and receive a 10% discount.

The films are an outgrowth of an evolving project that brought together an extraordinary team – a wonderful school (Wellesley High School), a visionary principal, teachers, administrators, librarians, the film department and film students, music and art students, earth science students, their parents, a professional film and audio crew with experience in classroom settings, and the teacher/producer and director/editor.

The scientists featured all take an interdisciplinary approach to planetary science, one that depicts the "big picture" by integrating many disciplines - chemistry, physics, geology, biology, oceanography, astronomy, atmospheric science, and climatology.

What is captured in these films, their educational content, the look, feel, and professionalism of the final edited products is the result of an unusual collaboration between a teacher/producer and a director/editor who together, authored a very interactive DVD.

[Note: The producers used student-generated art and music. -ed]

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