Utility offers award for videos on wind power

Submitted by Paul Copleman

2015-10-19 17:03:04

As summer draws to a close, families, students and teachers are turning their attention back to the classroom. Thanks to two key factors — the increased focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects in school curricula and the exciting expansion of renewable energy facilities into communities across the country — clean energy sources, such as wind power, will be important topics of discussion in our schools.

Future engineers and technicians will soon discover that the power of wind extends far beyond just generating clean, renewable energy for our homes, offices and communities.

Wind power creates jobs. Wind farms generate income and revenue that help fund communities, education programs, farms, libraries, fire departments, roads and countless other public facilities. All while creating clean, locally sourced energy for customers.

With all of these exciting developments around clean energy, students in your school or community have an opportunity to go hands-on with wind power and learn more about exactly how this renewable resource can continue to power our lives in a sustainable way. All just by entering our #PowerOfWind contest.

The rules are very simple:

Create a short video (minimum of 30 seconds) about the power of wind. Pick any angle on the topic you like. For example:
What do you know about the power of wind?
Why is wind important?
How has the power of wind affected you or your community?
How much power is in the wind and what would you do if you could harness it?
Share your video on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #PowerOfWind.
One grand prize–winning school will receive a $2,500 energy education grant from Iberdrola Renewables, as well as a free KidWind® Wind Experiment Classroom Pack. Your students will have the chance to design their own wind turbine and experiment with wind power right in their classroom.

In addition, the first 25 schools to enter will receive their own, free KidWind® Wind Experiment Classroom Pack. So make sure to get your entries in soon!

Looking for inspiration? Check out last year’s finalists for the “Why I Care About Wind Energy” video contest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLAvzDCR_aSrzTdQPmKsPtgmEyQi7qSyzC&v=oaoQ3N2wgvg

Video submissions will be collected September 14 through November 9, 2015. To participate, and for more information, please send an email to social@iberdrolaren.com. Official rules and details can be found here http://bit.ly/1hjsAcQ .

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