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Submitted by Michael Arquin
2005-09-23 18:20:36

Hello teachers and friends, past workshop participants

Kidwind is back in business after a few months off to move our operations to Saint Paul, MN. We have just completed our second year in operation and have taken a look back at what we have done. A written a report is now posted at our website,

We Need Your Help

If you have used the materials that you built at workshops with students we want to know about it! One thing we are trying to do is collect stories, pictures, lesson plans and handouts from workshop attendees to create a resource area on the website for new teachers. If you have created handouts, student readers, PowerPoint shows -- anything related to wind energy in the classroom -- email it to Kidwind ( I am going to post it on the site for download. You will get all the credit. I will just be a library!

Additionally a few of our participating teachers have spread the word at home and held events for educators in their area. So far Kidwind has helped sponsor satellite events in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Utah. We are seeking funds to expand this project so if you are interested in doing something like this contact me and I will add you to the list.

More Kidwind Teacher Workshops

October 7th & 8th North Adams, MA

In collaboration with Center for Ecological Technology and support from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) we are holding a two day workshop in North Adams. This workshop will include a tour of the Searsburg wind farm and hands on wind energy activities.

October 14th Stevens Point, WI

In partnership with the Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) we are participating in a workshop in Wisconsin on October 14-15. This course has a two-day credit option or a one-day non-credit option. The credit option is two days long and will cost teachers $100. This two day option will introduce teacher to the Kidwind program and KEEP materials. The one-day non credit (October 15th) option is free and will introduce teachers to Kidwind curricular materials. All teachers who attend will receive a PVC Wind Turbine Kit and curricular materials.

November 5 Queensbury, NY

In partnership with NYSERDA, Kidwind will hold a teacher wind workshop at the Queensbury Middle School (1 hour North of Albany) on November 5th. This workshop will offer teachers background information about wind energy and hands on science lessons you can do with wind!

Mid - January Saint Paul, MN

We are tentatively scheduled for a workshop at Macalester College. Keep watching for more information.

Kidwind Educational Materials & Kits

Please check out the Turbine Shop to see our new items:

Some of our favorite new items:

Geared PVC Turbine v2.0 - The new geared turbine is excellent and produces enough power to run a variety of electronic items. Our favorite is the mini water pump! Check it out here.

Crimping 3-Hole Delrin Hub - Tired of blades flying out at high RPM? The ability to crimp allows you to LOCK your blades in place so they do not fly out at high RPM. This is the Cadillac of model turbine hubs. We know it is expensive but it is worth it.

Mini Water Pump w/Graduated Cylinder - Want to get rid of that multimeter? If you can generate more than 2.2 volts with your power source you can use this pump to get a physical reading on power output from your wind turbine, solar panel or fuel cell. Kids and adults love this one!

Michael Arquin
Director, Kidwind
PS Please send us anything you have written or done on wind and we will add it to the teacher resources section!

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