Free wind turbine kit for classrooms to use in challenge. Due Sep 30

Submitted by Mike Arquin and Asia Ward

2016-09-28 15:20:46

There are only two days left for educators to get your free MacGyver Windmill Class Packs and Solar House Class Packs. The only thing we ask in exchange is for you to use it with your class or program to compete in the MacGyver Windmill Challenge or the Solar House Design Challenge. We can't emphasize it enough - if you want a free kit from REcharge Labs, this is your chance - we don't do giveaways very often!
The details:
Applications will be considered beginning September 15th, and ending September 30th, after which point we will choose and announce winners.
We're giving away 10 of each kit.
The MacGyver Windmill Class Pack is a $100 value, and the Solar Town Class Pack is a $150 value - if you win, you get your kit FREE!
We will choose recipients based on the strongest and most compelling applications - tell us why you deserve it!
Whether you choose to have just one team submit, or an entire grade, that's up to you - we just want to see some interaction with our kits and the Online Challenges.
If you receive the kit but realize that you are unable to compete, please return the kit to us, and we will send it to a educator who is able to participate. We're giving kits away to increase accessibility of the Online Challenge to teams who may not otherwise be able to compete, not to have them sit around unused!
MacGyver Windmill challenge:


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