NYC Solar Schools Program still has openings in spring 2017 workshops

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2017-01-07 17:04:17

The NYC DOE Office of Sustainability and the STEM Department are partnering to launch the NYC Solar Schools Education Program. DOE is working with the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) on a mayoral initiative to install a combined 100 MW of solar photovoltaic capacity on city-owned buildings, per goals outlined in OneNYC, New York City’s plan for sustainability and resiliency.
A key goal of the program is to connect the solar installations on school buildings to curriculum, allowing teachers to use solar as a tool for students to learn about renewable energy and sustainability, and as a catalyst for STEM learning. As part of this program, teachers will have the opportunity to participate in a 3 day professional development training series with Solar One- a non-profit green energy education organization. The Solar One PD workshops are interactive, leading teachers through hands-on activities so that they have the opportunity to learn by doing. This program will be delivered FREE to interested teachers; all costs will be paid for by DOE through funding from DCAS.
All participating teachers will be provided with the training, curriculum, standards alignment, and other resources they need to integrate solar content and activities into their coursework. Please note that the Elementary School workshops are designed for teachers working with grades 3-5.

The NYC Solar Workshops will take place during school hours- from 9:00am-3:00pm
Professional Development Training Dates:
Brooklyn Elementary: Jan 31, Mar 16, May 12
Brooklyn Middle School: Jan 31, Mar 21, May 16
Brooklyn High School: Jan 30, Mar 29, May 23
Bronx Elementary: Feb 1, Apr 6, June 8
Bronx Middle School: Jan 24, Apr 3, May 11
Bronx High School: Jan 30, Mar 31, June 8
Queens Elementary: Jan 24, Mar 21, May 16
Queens Middle School: Feb 1, Apr 5, June 8
Queens High School: Feb 2, Apr 3, May 31
Manhattan Elementary: Jan 27, Mar 14, May 15
Manhattan Middle School: Jan 27, Mar 17, May 12
Manhattan High School: Feb 7, Apr 5, May 25
Staten Island Elementary: Jan 26, Apr 4, June 6
Staten Island Middle School: Feb 3, Apr 6, June 9
Staten Island High School: Jan 30, Mar 27, May 17
About Solar One
Solar One’s K-12 curriculum, The Green Design Lab (GDL), is a STEM-focused, interdisciplinary sustainability program that provides students with hands-on experiential learning. The NYC Solar Schools workshop includes a combination of hands-on activities that give context for why solar is important – such as an introduction to power plants, fossil fuels, and climate change – and explore the science and applications of solar energy through building mini-solar systems, field studies, and experiments.

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