MA Envirothon Workshop for coaches and interested parties Nov 15 '05

Submitted by Debi Hogan
2005-11-05 11:50:11

"Now in its 20th year, the Envirothon is a natural-resource program for high school students. Teams comprised of five students represent their schools in a state-wide environmental competition. The program is designed to stimulate an awareness of the interdependence of various natural resources within the environment.
The Envirothon is more than an environmental competition. Through workshops for coaches and team members, an environmental curriculum, resource materials and professional contacts the program assists educators in developing a year-round environmental-education program. The current issue topic and a community-service awards program ask students to focus on the environmental resources of their own community."
This year, the envirothon will feature new topics in climate change.

Massachusetts Envirothon Workshop for Teams (coaches and students)
Tuesday, November 15, 2005 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

This workshop is open to coaches, up to three team members and even those who are just becoming acquainted with the program.  Five or more workshops will run concurrently, offering a variety of sessions on each of the topic areas (forestry, soils, water and wildlife), this year’s current issue, eco-stations, environmental skills and campus tours. Resource materials will also be provided.  We are working to find sponsor to support this program; however, participants will be asked to cover the costs for their own parking and bring or purchase their own lunch.

The registration documents are available online at
For more information on the workshops, please email Debi Hogan, dchogan @

Spring, 2005 participants:
4-H Bristol County-Winners of the 2005 Massachusetts Envirothon!
2nd Place- Lexington High School
3d Place- Lawrence Academy
4th Place-St. Johns high School Academy
5th Place-Bedford High School
6th Place-Quabbin Regional High School
7th Place-Acton-Boxborough Regional High School
8th Place-Weymouth High School
9th Place-Minnechaug Regional High School
10th Place-Pioneer Valley Regional High School

Ecostation 1 - Hillside
1.(tie) 4-H Bristol COunty (Berkley)
1.(tie) Lexington High School
2.Quabbin Regional High School
3.Weymouth High School
4.(tie) Lunenburg High School
4.(tie) Oliver Ames High School
5. Lawrence Academy

Ecostation 2 - Waters Edge
1. Lawrence Academy
2. Bristol County 4-H
3. St. Johns High School
4. DAvid Prouty High School
5. Bedford High School

Ecostation 3 - Field and Stream
1. 4-H Bristol County
2. Lexington High School
3. Westford Academy
4. Lawrence Academy
3. Bedford High School

Ecostation 4 - Wetland Forest
1. 4-H Bristol County
2. (tie) Bedford High School
2. (tie) Lexington High School
3. Lawrence Academy
4. Acton-Boxborough Regional High School
5. Minnechaug Regional High School

Current Issue
1. Weymouth High School
2. (tie) 4-H Bristol County
2. (tie) Acton-Boxboough Regional High School
3. Lexington High School
4. Lawrence Academy
5. Leicester High School

Rookie of the Year
Hopkinton High School

2005 Community Research Awards
4-H Bristol County
David Prouty High School
Greater New Bedford Regional High School
Hampshire Regional High School
High School of Science and Technology
Leicester High School
Millbury Junior Senior High School
North Attleboro High School
Pioneer Valley Regional High School
Quabbin Regional High School
Quincy High School
R.C. Mahar Regional High School
Tahanto Regional High School
Waltham High School
West Roxbury High School
Oliver Ames High School (hosted round table discusion)

2005 Community Service Awards
4-H Bristol County
David Prouty Regional High School
Greater New Bedford Regional High School
Hampshire Regional High School
Quincy High School
Tahanto Regional High School
Waltham High School

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